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October 5, 2023

Budai Media Triples Conversions Using Imagery

Nick Locascio
Nick Locascio
Budai Media Triples Conversions Using Imagery

In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, brands are constantly looking for new ways to stand out and improve their conversions. In this realm, AI is fast becoming a powerful tool, not just for efficiency but for actual sales and conversions. One striking example of this comes from Budai Media's recent experiment, where they used's AI image generator technology. The result? A staggering 3x boost in revenue from the campaign!

The Experiment

Daniel from Budai Media shared a riveting tweet, providing a glimpse into their A/B testing for an email campaign.

Daniel - Budai Media 📧 tweeted:

"AI tools not only make #ecommerce brands more efficient but it increases their conversion too. Here are two examples where we split tested the hero images of the email creative using real model photography vs AI-generated models."
Real human vs AI-Generated Human

Delving Into the Details

Let's dissect the results of this A/B test.

For the "Apex" Waterproof Jacket Campaign:

  • Variation A (No AI Banner) achieved:
  • An open rate of 39.8% with 14,227 recipients opening.
  • A click rate of 0.85%, which means 302 recipients clicked.
  • A total order value of $1.13K from 7 recipients.
  • Variation B (AI Banner) pulled:
  • An open rate of 40.3% with 14,393 recipients opening.
  • A commendable click rate of 1.08%, translating to 386 recipients who clicked.
  • An impressive order total of $3.4K from 14 recipients.
A/B Test, Apex Waterproof Jacket

For the Transition into Fall Campaign:

  • Variation A (Normal Banner HTML) saw:
  • An open rate of 45.3% with 15,230 recipients opening.
  • A click rate of 0.45% amounting to 153 recipients who clicked.
  • An order total of $278 from 3 recipients.
  • Variation B (AI Banner HTML) observed:
  • An open rate of 45.4% with 15,293 recipients opening.
  • A higher click rate of 0.59%, with 200 recipients clicking.
  • An order sum of $417 from 4 recipients.
A/B Test, Fall Campaign

The Power of AI in Conversion

These results offer profound insights. Notably, the AI-generated image significantly surpassed the performance of real model photography. This isn't just a mere coincidence or statistical anomaly – with a winning confidence of 100% in the first test and 99.5% in the second, it's crystal clear that the AI-generated models provided an undeniable edge.

The AI-generated model resulted in a notable increase in both open rates and click rates. But, more importantly, it substantially boosted the revenue generated from the campaigns. A 3x revenue boost in the "Apex" Waterproof Jacket campaign alone!


The intersection of AI and e-commerce is no longer in the distant future; it's happening right now.'s AI image generator is an instrumental tool for brands that aim to stay ahead of the curve, as evidenced by Budai Media's overwhelming success.

If you're considering enhancing your campaigns and driving tangible results, integrating AI into your strategy, like Budai Media did, might just be the game-changer you're looking for.