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Customer Testimonial
August 9, 2023

Customer Testimonial - Timon Spiesschaert

Rishi Dhir
Rishi Dhir
Customer Testimonial - Timon Spiesschaert is for marketers

Timon is a Freelance copywriter & digital marketer. He works with clients with various needs for advertisement and social media. He turned to to power his latest client project imagery.

Timon says:

I discovered Booth AI when researching options for a client who needed lifestyle photography of their furniture. We had a limited budget and needed to secure images quickly. No other service was as easy to use or matched Booth’s quality. Using my client’s existing product photos, we’ve been able to generate great scene shots that have immediately been put to use on their website and in social media and advertising campaigns. We’ve been really happy with the results and I definitely will use Booth AI with other clients who need great product photography!

with, Timon was able to generate this beautiful image for a client: